072: (Part 1) Distant Starlight and Creation Time Coordinates

Jan 10, 2019 | Apologetics, Creation, Podcast

Have you ever been stumped by the distant starlight problem?

[If you’re not familiar, in brief, the distant starlight problem (also known as the light travel time problem) is the thesis that young age creationism cannot be true because light from distant stars would take many millions of years to reach Earth—which, on conventional cosmology, indicates such stars are millions of years old.]

If you’re like me (and probably 99% of all other young age creationists) the answer is YES!!

Over the years, a number of solutions to this problem have been proposed. Here’s a list of the most common:

  1. Light Created in Transit (Morris 1976)
  2. Variable Speed of Light (Setterfield 1989)
  3. Gravitational Time Dilation (Humphreys 1994)
  4. Supernational Time Dilation (Hartnett 2003)
  5. Anisotropic Synchrony Convention (Lisle 2010)
  6. Dasha Theory (Faulkner 2013)

This problem is crippling for many, and with so many solutions having been proposed (and the unsettling lack of consensus among creationist astronomers), it’s no surprise that this issue might cause some unrest in taking Genesis at its word.

This week I offer yet another solution proposed by a team of three writers at the 2018 International Conference on Creationism. The solution uses what the authors call “Creation Time Coordinates” (CTCs) to talk about the age of stars in our universe.

The CTC solution is fascinating, refreshing, and best of all, is completely consistent with special relativity and leaves the door wide open for others to offer additional elements of a more complete young age cosmology.

This EXCITING new solution needs to be heard, because I think it might be the most convincing thus far; so I’m excited to bring it to you today. Make sure you download this free 5-step guide that will help you respond when skeptics challenge you on the starlight issue.

==>It’s the free lesson handout for today.<==

In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  1. Why I’ve been unconvinced by many of the starlight solutions thus far, and how I think this one eases some of my concern about creation astronomy.
  2. The fundamental assumption that EVERY young age starlight model should reject.
  3. The mechanics and advantages of the Creation Time Coordinates solution, and what makes it different from the Anisotropic Synchrony Convention (of which CTC is a reformulation).

Mentioned in this lesson:

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