073: (Part 2) Distant Starlight and Creation Time Coordinates

Jan 17, 2019 | Apologetics, Creation, Podcast

Last week we began discussing a brand new solution to the so-called “distant starlight problem” facing young age creationists.

A face value interpretation of Scripture suggests that the cosmos is young. Last week’s discussion mentioned, in brief, a few of the solutions that have been posited to this point. I’ve yet to be completely satisfied by any solution offered, but I must admit that I have relatively few questions about this one because:

  1. It lacks subjectivity.
  2. It is compatible with most current thought on astrophysics and cosmology.
  3. It is derived directly from Scripture.
  4. It is clear and unambiguous.

Though we presented the model last week, this week, we will finish our discussion by first giving physical and biblical evidence for a young cosmos. Then, we’ll provide a detailed comparison between the CTC solution and other cosmologies (both Christian and secular).

Finally, we’ll answer potential objections to the CTC to find whether they carry any weight.

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The handout gives my 5 personal step response to challengers of creationism who use the starlight problem as firepower. We have good answers! Don’t get discouraged. Here’s a teaser: We’re not the only ones with a problem ;]

In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  1. How the CTC solution compares with other models, and why it’s the most parsimonious creationist solution.
  2. Specific physical evidence that shows why our universe is young, as seemingly suggested by Scripture.
  3. Why many potential objections to the ASC do not apply to the CTC because of its clarity and formulation.

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