074: A Young Age Creationist Explanation for the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation?

Jan 24, 2019 | Creation, Podcast

Over the past few decades, there have been a number of young age creationist suggestions for a some important questions raised by Genesis 1. For example, what was the nature of the firmament? If the heavens were created in Verse 1 (Day 1), how were they given the same name as the firmament created on Day 2 (See v. 8-9)?

In recent years Dr. Danny Faulkner has made some interesting observations about these passages, and discovered a startling implication for modern science that could potentially serve as evidence for the young age creationist view: The Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation.

If you know anything about big bang cosmology, you’ve likely heard this term. It is the name given to a radiation field which penetrates each and every corner of the known universe. This is often interpreted as the best observable evidence for the big bang that we have today. Many creationists would likely contend that it actually isn’t evidence for the big bang, but that seems incredulous. While it certainly could serve as evidence for the big bang, it could also serve as evidence for something else!

In fact, this week’s free lesson handout will help demystify the big bang. It’s called 3 Reasons Creationists (and Everyone Else!) Should Reject the Big Bang Theory.

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There has not been a tidy explanation for the CMB within young age creationism—an unfortunate reality that still rings true today. However, the suggestion of Faulkner’s we’ll present within this podcast episode just may bring us closer. Humphreys (2014) has also posited an explanation; I’ll echo the sentiments of Dr. Faulkner by welcoming others to bring their solutions to the table.

After reading and reflecting on Faulkner’s paper, one thing has become clear: The answer to this “problem” for young age creationists could indeed stem from a misunderstanding of the text. This is unfortunate; but not as unfortunate as the reality that many young age creationists are unwilling to change long-held traditions and beliefs, even in light of convincing evidence suggested by conservative scholars!

My prayer is that you’ll listen with an open mind. As with all papers I review here on the podcast, I don’t teach this as though it’s the gospel truth! It’s merely a possibility I’ve deemed worthy of consideration.

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In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  1. Why most Hebrew scholars reject the idea that Genesis 1:1 directly describes Creation Ex-Nihilo, and what the means for interpreting the rest of the chapter.
  2. A biblical proposition for the true identity of the firmament (Heb. rāqîaʿ). Hint: The solution is strikingly obvious, yet has been elusive from the creation literature for most of its existence.
  3. Three important implications that result from the above observations, and the additional benefit we just may have if this interpretation is correct: A creationist solution for the CMB.

Mentioned in this lesson:

Thoughts on the rāqîa‘ and a Possible Explanation for the Cosmic Microwave Background

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