5 P’s to lead your family well

Sep 24, 2020 | Blog, Christian Living

There I was….feeling like a failure…

Once again, I FORGOT to read the Bible with my kids at bedtime.

I forgot…or I was “too busy.” Which is a pretty lame excuse considering I’m adamant about keeping the commitments I make.

Nevertheless, I break that one far too often.

It is very difficult to be the spiritual leader at home. As one older friend of mine recently said, “In all of my years, the hardest job I’ve ever had has been being a husband and a daddy.”

It’s interesting too, because it’s the most rewarding job! There is nothing—and I truly mean nothing—I love more than being a husband to my wife and a daddy to my children.

It brings me so much joy… and it saddens me how much I fail them.

My buddy Derek recently shared with me a biblically-based framework for being the spiritual leader at home; I asked if I could “borrow” it, and he said yes! So I’m going to share it with you in hopes that it might help you in the same way I believe it will help me.

A spiritual leader…

  1. Is prayerful.Every situation is approached with the will of God as its context. And God’s will is regularly sought out.
  2. Has priorities. There are some “non-negotiables” that the spiritual leader must make a regular, even habitual, part of life, that take priority over other things.
  3. Is present. In our age of distraction, this is one of the most difficult. The spiritual leader must make a conscious effort to be PRESENT in the life of his family.
  4. Is patient. Our kids and our spouses will let us down. And we will let them down as well. We must exercise patience with them through instructions. Doesn’t God do this for us?
  5. Takes pride. A spiritual leader should take pride in his family—be proud of your family, and tell them often that you are.

If you this is helpful, print it out. Make it your desktop screensaver. Frame it and hang it on your office. Whatever you need to do in order to be reminded that you are the spiritual leader of your home.

Also, I realize I’ve been speaking to the guys here, but there’s a lesson for the ladies as well.

A house divided against itself… you know the rest.

Although the Bible places the burden of spiritual leadership in the home overall on the husband, we all know you are a spiritual leader as well. Your husband needs your support in leading the home biblically.

Perhaps you are a single mom? I was raised by a single mom, so I totally get it. Your babies need YOU to be the spiritual leader in your home. So I think everything that’s been said applies whether you are a male or a female.

God has placed made us in—or, as—his image.

Thus, we have many jobs to do. But arguably the most important is to be a spiritual leader at home.

Many problems in the world at large would be solved through biblical, spiritual leadership in the home.

Let’s all do our part to guide the next generation in the ways of the Lord.

Enduring Together,

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