TCA Lesson 018: Adam According to the Old Testament (BOH Series)

Dec 14, 2017 | Creation, Podcast

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As we begin this series, The Biblical Origin of Humanity, we must first ask how the Old Testament writers seemed to view the creation account. Was it actual history? Was Adam merely allegorical–or are there direct ties between him and other historical characters as mentioned in Genesis and the rest of the Old Testament? Should the biblical text be treated like all other ANE texts, and should we assume the ancients were scientifically ignorant? We’ll answer these questions and more this week as we view Adam according to the Old Testament.

In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  1. The reason why some stand on a historical Adam and others do not.
  2. The clarity of Scripture regarding the creation week and what it means for Adam.
  3. Why the ANE texts should not be used to determine biblical cosmology or geography.
  4. How the Old Testament writers viewed the historical Adam.

Mentioned in this lesson:

  • Dr. William D. Barrick
  • Searching for Adam: Genesis & the Truth About Man’s Origin
  • Special note (added 12/14/17, 8:41am): At 26:58, I erroneously claim that Moses did not realize he was writing under the inspiration and authorship of God, as many verses indicate that he was (see, for example, Exodus 17:14, Exodus 24:4, Exodus 34:27, Deuteronomy 31:19). I was talking too fast and got ahead of myself–my apologies for any confusion.

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