5 Reasons Christians Should Listen to Apologetics Podcasts

Nov 7, 2017 | Apologetics, Article, Christian Living

This is a bit of a different blog post than I would normally write, but nevertheless, I actually think it is extremely important.

The pursuit of knowledge is important to me. As Dr. Harry Truman once famously said, “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.”

I agree with this, and in recent years, I have become a passionate reader. But if you’re anything like me, time is extremely limited.

Sometimes, sitting down to read a book is just not practical.

So–there a few things you could do. Of course, you could simply listen to an audiobook. But I typically buy eBooks on Amazon for around $2.99, and most audiobooks land in the $15 range.

You could schedule specific times for reading on your calendar. This works, but it requires serious discipline.

In light of that, I want to suggest an entirely different method of learning altogether: podcasts.

Many of you know that recently, I actually started a creation science podcast of my own, The Creation Academy. The reason is that podcasts have had a major effect on my life, and I want to have that sort of effect on others!

The reality is that many authors and other influencers have podcasts delivering weekly, and sometimes daily information. And, there are a bunch in the field of Christian Apologetics.

Now–I should make a disclaimer here. Not every podcaster you listen to is going to share the same views as you. In fact, most of the podcasts I listen to have hosts that I fundamentally disagree with on many points.

In fact, I started a recent creation podcast because there are only a few out there, and none of them post on a consistent schedule.

But if you can learn to “eat the meat and spit out the bones”, you are in for a awesome, immersive learning experience each week from some heavy hitters in apologetics.

I’ll try not to make this long, but my whole reason for writing this comes the passion I have for podcasts and the help I’ve received. So I hope you’ll stick around to read the five reasons why I think Christians should listen to apologetics podcasts.


#1. Your Faith Matters


This seems like an obvious reason, but I fear that many of us don’t really take the time to understand why we believe what we do.

Christianity is not some fairy tale, as seemingly every major university professor wants you to believe.

It matters what you believe, it matters that you have good reasons for believing it, and it matters that you can defend it.

The problem is that Christian Apologetics is a HUGE field, with a wide gamut, and quite frankly, two lifetimes are not enough to digest all of the information available.

But in many cases, podcast hosts are putting out their best content. Of course, authors still want you to buy their books and may reserve some content for those who do.

The point is that many of these podcasters are willing to open up and share valuable information with you–information that could drastically transform you and take your faith in God to the next level.

Many hosts even bring on guests each week who are experts in their respective fields. This is a TON of work on the host’s end, but it’s amazing just what you can learn from listening to these influencers for a few moments each week.

If your faith matters to you, you should really give this a try.


#2. Podcasts are Intimate and Practical


There is something very different about podcasts–something you don’t get on Youtube videos or even audiobooks: intimacy and practicality.

Podcasts are intimate because, in a way, you feel like the host is having a conversation with you.

Most people listen to podcasts through earphones, so you feel like they are speaking directly to you. Not only that, but you really get to know the host of the show because you are hearing their voice.

They become the friend you always needed to help you and mentor you through difficult areas of life. Listening to podcasts could change the way you see some of the people you have always looked up to. It really brings out the person-hood of the host.

But podcasts are also very practical.

I say this because you can literally listen anywhere. Think about it–you can only read books and blog posts when you have time to sit and read. You can only watch videos when you have time to sit and watch the screen for an hour or so.

But podcasts can be listened to anywhere! Mowing the lawn, walking, working out, even working (depending on the type of work you do)! This allows you to learn during times when you would normally just be listening to music or thinking.

Don’t get me wrong–you should take time to listen to music and think–but I have a thirst for knowledge, and I think anyone who does will also find it rewarding to listen to podcasts during that time that usually seems so “mindless” otherwise.


#3. You Need Good Influences


There are many available options today when considering how to spend your time.

Unfortunately, many of these activities can be harmful to your faith! Yes–we live in this world.

But we can certainly take steps to be sure we do not become of it.

Much of what we listen to, even for entertainment purposes, is diametrically opposed to the teaching of God’s Word.

Podcasts are uniquely qualified to counter this because they are typically considered edutainment. Meaning, they are educational at the core, but the format is meant to be entertaining as well.

There are exceptions. Some podcasts are very rigid. And frankly–hard to listen to. But they are the exception, not the rule.

I argue that the best hosts are the ones who inject their own personality into their teaching.

They are the easiest to listen to, and you’ll find that the information sticks with you better.

This is one reason I actually prefer podcasts to audiobooks. Audiobooks, for the most part, are quite rigid readings of the written material.

But podcasts are largely conversational, and most hosts have only basic talking points written down by which to go on. That way they don’t sound unprepared, but also, they don’t sound rigid.

Podcasts are a great way to have these good influences in your life without the boredom usually associated with learning new things.


#4. New Content Comes Often


As I mentioned earlier, I genuinely love to read and listen to books. But the problem is that book releases are few and far between.

If I want the best content from my favorite influencers, it feels like forever to wait for the next book release.

But podcasts make this much more manageable. Coupled with the fact that many podcast hosts are also bloggers (and even Youtubers), I could potentially have three content streams coming from my favorite apologetics influencers each week.

Furthermore, information is changing all of the time. For an influencer to react to new information in a book release is tough, but the information could have already changed again!

But many influencers use their podcasts to react to new information almost immediately.

My favorites are the ones who have their show planned out with what they want to teach or discuss, but also make room to talk about new happenings and developments in their field.

This makes for a solid balance of timeless teaching and current events, which is a great way to stay informed about how today’s culture relates to the truths found in the Word of God.


#5. A Podcast Provides Valuable, FREE Information


Finally, the information you will find on many apologetics podcasts is extremely valuable.

In fact, I’ve found very few who use this time to take advantage of their listeners. If a person is bothering to put a podcast out there, they are doing so with the intent of helping their audience.

How do I know this? Because podcasters usually don’t get paid to podcast.

You heard right! There are some who receive donations from their listeners, but VERY few are making a living from that. None, I would argue, in the field of apologetics.

In fact, many podcasters simply use this form of media as a way to get noticed–a way for first-time listeners to discover more about who they are and how they can help.

But folks these days don’t have enough time to waste any of it! And for that reason, podcasters are making sure that even though they are not paid, the information is incredibly valuable.

If it wasn’t, no one would stick around to listen!

Of course, this has implications for the listener as well. If the person is not being paid, that means you are not paying them!

You benefit from the years of experience that your favorite apologetics influencers have, entirely for free–no strings attached. That’s hard to beat!

To finish out (and hopefully get you started), I want to give a list of the apologetics podcasts I listen to and a short explanation as to why:

  • Answers with Ken Ham–This 1-minute long daily podcast usually goes by a weekly theme and provides short but powerful truths about creation and the authority of Scripture.
  • Bible Q&A with John MacArthur–“Johnny Mac”, as I affectionately call him, is a wonderful teacher of Scripture who answers Bible questions in this 2-minute long daily podcast.
  • Stand to Reason Weekly Podcast–Hosted by Greg Koukl, I listen to this podcast because of Greg’s teaching on tactics and having fruitful conversations with unbelievers.
  • #STRask with Greg Koukl–This is STR’s short podcast (only about 20 minutes) in which Greg answers questions in 4 minutes or less.
  • Answers in Genesis Youtube Feed–I use a tool called Podsync to turns AiG’s Youtube feed into a podcast. This feed mainly features “Answers News”, which is a twice-weekly show where Ken Ham, Bodie Hodge, and Dr. Georgia Purdom discuss the latest in science news from Legacy Hall at the Creation Museum.
  • Ask Pastor John–Pastor John Piper answers questions from listeners. His teaching is very deep and Scripturally accurate in most cases, despite our doctrinal differences.
  • The Creation Academy–This, of course, is my show! Once weekly, we spend 30-60 minutes discussing the latest in Creation Science.
  • Creation Science 4 Kids Show–I love this show because the host does it alongside her two boys! I use this as inspiration for ways to relate what I believe about creation to my own children as they grow older.
  • Cross Examined with Frank Turek–Frank and I differ on many points, but I enjoy his show because he really touches on the major controversial issues affecting our culture.
  • Defenders Podcast–I enjoy listening to Dr. Craig’s in-depth teaching, through recordings from his “Defender’s” Sunday School class, on this podcast.
  • History of Christianity–I can’t lie–I hate history. But Brother Stephen Bedard of Hope’s Reason does a great job faithfully teaching the history of Christianity in a very succinct way.
  • LogicallyFaithful–This is Professor Khaldoun Sweis’ podcast. Frankly, I love his zeal and passion! He has an awesome story and I love the energy he brings to his podcast.
  • Mike Riddle, Creation Training Initiative–Mike, a former speaker with AiG, provides awesome information about creation in this podcast. Unfortunately, he does not seem to be a on a regular posting schedule. But when the info comes, it’s excellent!
  • Real Science Radio–This is Dr. Bob Enyart’s show. While I disagree with some of the scientific models they affirm, this is, generally speaking, an awesome show about creation science.
  • Reasonable Faith Podcast–This is Dr. Craig’s ministry podcast, which he and his co-host usually work through a culturally relevant point, or something related to Craig’s philosophical teachings and study.
  • RZIM: Ask Away Broadcasts–Jo and Vince Vitale answer questions sent into the RZIM team. Usually, each episode has somewhat of a “theme” of questions.
  • RZIM: Just Thinking Broadcasts–This is Ravi’s daily podcast, about 15 minutes long, which takes a sermon and breaks it into 15-minute clips for days 1-4. Then on Friday, they usually post a clip from a past Q&A event.
  • RZIM: Vital Signs Broadcasts–RZIM’s Cameron McAlister goes into the DEEP, emotional issues in our culture, for which the solution can be found in Christianity. This podcast is usually done in multi-episode series and is very helpful and informative.
  • Science, Scripture, & Salvation–I love this short podcast from The Institute for Creation Research (ICR). It is very science-driven, but unfortunately, is not presented on any sort of regular schedule.
  • Today’s Creation Moment–This is a 2-minute daily broadcast, hosted by Paul Taylor (formerly of Answers in Genesis and Creation Today). It highlights a fact of creation made possible only by our intelligent Heavenly Father.
  • Unbelievable–This is quite a long weekly podcast hosted by Justin Brierley out in the UK. It features a debate, usually between a Christian and a Skeptic. This is an AWESOME show that highlights a variety of different viewpoints.
  • Wretched Radio–Though not strictly an apologetics radio show, Wretched, hosted by Todd Friel, is a great show dealing with the latest in Christianity and culture, and is most well-known for its fearlessness to call out and warn against false teachers.
  • Youth Apologetics Training–Last, but certainly not least, is Michael Boehm’s show. It has no particular focus, but often deals with false/heretical teachings and the creation/evolution debate.

I hope you make use of this extensive list! There is much good teaching out there, but remember, you must hold only ONE ultimate authority–your inspired, infallible Bible.

If you have any podcast suggestions, feel free to comment below and let us know! We’d love to hear what you’ve been listening to.

Questions? Feel free to comment below and start the discussion, or click the blue button on the right (desktop only) to ask a question with a voicemail. We will do our best to answer in an upcoming post. Thanks!

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