Apologists: This Christmas, Let Us Lead in Worshipping the God We Defend

Dec 3, 2019 | Apologetics, Article

To those of us who give thoughtful consideration to the defense of the faith, I want to offer an admonishment this year:

Let’s lead the way not only in championing the defense of God, but in the worship of him as well.

The Trap

If you’re anything like me, at one point, you were a “Cage Stage Apologist.”

Perhaps all you ever talked about was your sudden discovery of a rational faith. This certainly happened to me.

The church environment I was raised in made much of honoring Christ, regular witnessing, and teaching the Word, but to be sure, there was nowhere near enough talk about the evidence for Christianity.

In fact, there was none that I can remember.

Upon discovering this evidence, you can imagine the profound transformation in my life! (You’ve probably been there, too.) I began to soak up all of the books, articles, and podcasts I could. I began to write and podcast myself! I could not stop.

A year and a half or so in, what I found surprised me. I was now more confident than ever that Christianity was true, but I felt further from God than I ever cared to admit.

Thankfully, I’m past that phase now. I find myself able to maintain that balance. To allow myself to worship, and not merely to think.

So this Christmas, I am calling for a radical recommittment to worship. Why think that our influence should stop with the defense of what we believe?

A Unique Opportunity

I know as well as anyone that Scripture calls for all of us to be defenders of the faith.

But that does not mean that everyone becomes an influencer.

Fortunately, many of us have a God-given platform on which we speak, write, podcast, and otherwise declare the truth of Christianity.

Thus, we have a unique opportunity: To use our position as defenders of the truth to lead the way in passionate worship of our Lord.

So here’s my challenge:

As we approach this holiday season, we may be tempted to approach it with our heads alone rather than our hearts.

We should avoid this at all costs.

Our articles, books, and podcasts about the legitimacy of Christmas are good—necessary, even.

But this is first and foremost a season of worship. A special time of year that we set apart to celebrate the birth of our Savior into this world.

Perhaps no one has more reason to worship the Lord than those of us who spend our days, weeks, and months interacting with the evidence for his existence, his Word, and his work in the world.

Let us be an example to the laymen. Let us be an example to the downtrodden. Let us be an example to the spiritually apathetic.

Let us boldly defend him, but let us worship him that much more.

He is worthy!

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Meet Steve

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