“Because I said so!”

May 14, 2020 | Current Events, Quick Thoughts

The world is a pretty crazy place right now. COVID-19 has people up in arms, and even within the Christian community, opinions vary so much.

One thing that consistently comes up in times like these is how much trust, if any, we should place in the “experts” giving us advice.

A friend recently expressed his concern to me: “I’m just kind of tired of the ‘because I said so’ arguments.”

I completely understand his concern; I’ve even recorded a podcast episode about how to know which experts to trust.

And yet, we must all realize that we have limited expertise. Ironically, it’s the generalists who may be more able to process information coming from multiple fields, because specialists are often so focused their primary discipline that they are dramatically unstudied in others.

So what do we do? Do we just have to take others’ word for it?

In a sense, yes.

The fact is, those who are experts in their field have earned the right to receive a measure of trust from those whom they’re tasked with informing. I explained to my friend that, for me, I have a circle of folks who I have leaned on for information throughout this pandemic.

These include conservative Christian geneticists, biologists, philosophers, medical professionals, and other sound thinkers.

I am much, much more likely to take information from them as being sound than I am from some random YouTube video.

In a sense, no.

Not everyone who claims to be an expert actually is; or, even if they are, it does not mean they have pure motives. For example, the Plandemic documentary made the rounds on the Internet1 and is touted as insider information from a professional who worked with Dr. Fauci.

Yet, all of my trusted sources seem to think it is riddled with error, misinformation, and downright lies. Just because this person is an expert does not mean I have to listen to her; I have reason to distrust her, so I do.

So, the question is: How do I decide which experts to trust? Again, I answered that question in this podcast episode, but I would invite you to click here and download the lesson handout I made for that episode.

It will give you a checklist with nine questions that will help you decide who to trust. Perhaps you can use it to better discern the information you find online.

Also, this blog post by Dr. Todd Wood is super helpful and ends with a beautiful admonition toward fellow believers. I highly encourage you to read.


  1. See a response from a trusted source, here.

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