If You Don’t Believe Earthly Things…?

This episode of the Winsome Creationist podcast focuses on refining the approach to discussing creationism, specifically addressing the use of logic in debates around creation and evolution. A tweet by Scott Aniol is...

Does the CTC Solution ACTUALLY Work?

In this episode of Winsome Creationist, the host is joined by Dr. Phil Dennis to discuss the Anisotropic Synchrony Convention and the concept of creation time coordinates. They delve deep into the implications of these...

Is Gavin Right About the Flood?

In this video, we engage in a comprehensive discourse addressing Gavin Ortland's views on the biblically narrated flood's extent - was it global or merely local? Our response dissects Ortland's argument and counters it with...

Did Jacob Know the Age of His Ancestors?

Join me in this thought-provoking episode as we delve deep into the debate over the age of the Earth, exploring the significance of genealogies in Genesis chapters five and eleven. Young earth creationists argue for a...

Meet Steve

Meet Steve

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The Podcast

The Podcast