Doing ALL to the Glory of God: New Content and Priorities

Jun 26, 2023 | Blog, Ministry Update

Over the years, the primary focus of this blog has been apologetics. We’re still going to talk about apologetics. A lot, actually. I’ve got lots of ideas planned.

However, there is a trend that has been bothering me—and I think more contribution is needed in this area.

Christianity is not only true, it is good—very good

About the time I began researching Christianity at a deeper level, I began to notice a shift in the way people think. Skeptics especially started to ask a different question than “Is Christianity true?”

Plenty still ask that question, and for good reason.

There are also good answers to that question.

But the Christian worldview has for more to offer than a series of truth claims. It is a way of living. More than that, it is a way of being. Christians play by a different set of rules because Christians do humanity differently.

It’s disturbing, then, to find that almost anyone writing about what it looks like to do actual do normal things (like work and play) as a Christian has succumbed to progressive Christian ideals. That is to say, they leave the realm of orthodoxy as though it is too boring to guide a life well-lived.

Yes, I am generalizing, but also speaking from experience. I have a lot of personal thoughts and opinions about Christianity—it’s truthfulness, yes, but also how its precepts apply to daily work and play.

I think many of us head to the Bible with the goal of learning something, when we’d find an all-new appreciation if we were to approach it with the goal of doing something.

Creating new connections and simplifying

Since I started creating content online in 2017, life has been a complete whirlwind. A lot has happened. And I became obsessed with sharing my ideas on the Internet.

That has led to incredible opportunities for both ministry and business. I’ve made a lot of new friends and have been able to, by God’s sovereign grace alone, have an impact on people.

I’d like to further that impact by unifying my ideas instead of having them scattered around so many different places. You might not have even known that I have a business blog entirely separate from my ministry activities.

Of course I have the Winsome Creationist podcast, the blog for my web design and marketing business, and other podcasts and blogs scattered throughout. To the extent possible, I would like to unify my thinking.

Can I talk about business, marketing, being a dad, and other things on the same blog I talk about apologetics?


And thanks to the power of the Internet, while some of the content will just originate from this website, much of it will originate elsewhere (such as YouTube) and be automatically brought into this blog so it’s easy to engage with.

Now—I’m a marketing guy. And all the experts advise against this. They say, if you’re not focused on something, you’re focused on nothing.

I don’t really care what “they” say.

I’d like a place on the Internet where my thoughts about important things, as they relate to a Christian worldview, will live. If the only people who ever read it are my kids one day, that’s fine.

My guess is that you all care about more than just whether Christianity is true. You care about whether it is good, just like most people.

And one of the primary ways we know it is good is by how it informs our daily lives. Especially the stuff we spend most of our time doing, like work and play.

So you might see a podcast reviewing a movie, then a post about the resurrection of Jesus, then a podcast discussing distant starlight, then a post about productivity, etc.

My hope is that you will find lots of encouragement in the areas of creation, theology, work, and even play by continuing to engage with my content.

I pray it is a blessing to you. And as always, I appreciate you joining me on the journey.

Meet Steve

Meet Steve

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