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Sep 17, 2020 | Blog, Creation

The Core Academy of Science, led by Dr. Todd Wood, has been instrumental in terms of my growth as a creationist and—frankly—as a Christian.

Todd is a pretty well-known figure in the “New Creationism” I’m always harping about.

In fact, he is one the leading researchers in creationist biology today, particularly the area of baraminology.

In short—if you’re a creationist, you’ve been exposed to Todd’s work whether or not you knew about it, and you likely hold to belief in a model or two that he created.

His ministry frequently puts on events to help encourage, support, and train the next generation of creationists.

Todd has just announced the dates for a special virtual conference he is putting on this year, called the 2020 Creation Celebration.

Here’s the description of the event from Todd’s website:

The format will be a little different from the usual creation conference. My goal is to focus on attention on the Creator through the creation. Creation Celebration will have a special focus on worship, including music and special devotionals. If you’ve read The Quest, you already know what you might expect from the devotionals.

The second main ingredient will be short video presentations from a lot of people. Some will focus on questions about creation’s history and origin. We’ll be exploring intelligent design, the Flood, the fossil record, and so forth. Others will focus on personal testimonies in order to highlight special areas where we can pray for creationists around the world. Confirmed speakers include Tim Standish of Geoscience Research Institute, Andrew Snelling of Answers in Genesis, and Paul Garner of Biblical Creation Trust. We’re still recruiting speakers, and we’ll continue updating the website with new names as we get them confirmed.

The final component of Creation Celebration will be panel discussions. These will be a mix of Q&A and actual conversation between experts. This will be an opportunity to listen in to candid thoughts from some of the keenest minds in creation research. These will be streamed live, and they’ll be the longest parts of the conference.

Needless to say, I’m excited about the event.

The best part?

Tickets are only $15! And all proceeds go to the Rogers Sanders fund to help directly benefit the next generation of creation scientists.

I would highly encourage you to grab your ticket here today for only $15:

Enduring Together,

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