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Dec 5, 2020 | Blog, Podcast

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The Bible Nerd Society is a group of intensely passionate Bible-believers. We explore the world of the Bible, endeavor to fall more in love with Jesus every day, and build a thoughtful defense for the Christian worldview. We study topics including biblical studies, theology, Christian apologetics, creation science, and philosophy.

Here’s the Truth of the Matter

These days, information is being manipulated and censored. It is harder than ever to gain a fair hearing on the world’s most popular platforms, and support is waning for writers and content creators trying to make a difference in God’s world. While I’m under no delusion that I have all of the answers, I know that God has given me the zeal and skill of teaching and instructing others in the nerdalicous aspects of the faith.

Are you a Bible Nerd?

To be frank—I am here to start a movement. A retaliation against Bible boredom. A look into the true worldview of the Bible, making the best scholarship accessible and cultivating a passionate community of others who want to see Jesus high and lifted up. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, keep reading…

Why Your Support Matters

I do not have a 501C(3) non-profit, nor do I intend to start one. However, as someone that God has entrusted with the gift of teaching, I feel it is my calling and duty to equip the church with resources that expose the intellectual side of Christianity, looking deeply at Bible themes, theology, and apologetics. But with work and family commitments, technology costs, and the costs of acquiring information and tools to aid in Bible study (any one of which far surpasses the cost of your subscription for one month), it can be difficult to maintain a tight community and valuable content for free.

What’s In It For Me?

This is a completely fair question, and I’m proud to announce that I’ve thought it through and have some AMAZING benefits to offer paid members of the Society. Benefits include:

  1. Digital All-Access Pass. I love to create digital products like eBooks, audiobooks, video courses, and practical instruction guides. Upon subscribing, you will not only receive access to the archive of newsletter posts, but INSTANT access to download every single digital resource I’ve ever created—oh, and every future one I create. Is it okay if I overdeliver?
  2. Expert Guest Posts. I have been SO fortunate to forge relationships with established experts, teachers, and advanced students in a variety of subject matters including biblical studies, philosophy, genetics, and more! Occasionally they will be contributing guest content to the Society—just for you!
  3. Become my Book Editor. As a Society member, not only will you gain access to all of my eBooks AND audiobooks, but the primary focus of the Newsletter content will be the development of future books. Yep—I want you to interact with and comment on my ideas and help me develop the book before it ever goes to print! I will keep track of all contributors and give you a special mention in the front matter of the book, as well as promotion if you have a ministry of your own!
  4. Daily Discussion Thread. This is what I’m most excited about. I receive emails on a regular basis from my community, but I’m often forced by my commitments to wait until I get a “free moment” to respond (those are few and far between!). Plus, I think my community could benefit from interaction with each other rather than just me. Every few days I will post a discussion thread for Society members to chime in on and interact with ideas!
  5. Join the Movement. Most importantly, you will be joining the fight against Bible boredom. Our mission to help everyday Christians become PASSIONATE Bible nerds. But I can’t do it without your support!

I would love for you to join me by supporting our cause and becoming a paid subscriber of the Bible Nerd Society. Will you join me? Usually all of the above would cost an already low $5/month or $30/year. But for the Christmas season, you can get locked into the FOREVER rate of just $2.50/month or $15/year! ==>Click here to subscribe today!<==

Meet Steve

Meet Steve

Hi, I’m Steve, an author, speaker, and Bible teacher with a heart for exploring God’s Word and God’s world.

I’m interested in the surprising connection between creation, theology, business, and storytelling. We explore those themes and more on this blog.

Be sure to browse the site for faith-affirming articles, book reviews, and podcasts!

The Podcast

The Podcast