Reaching Gen Z on TikTok

May 22, 2020 | Ministry Update

I simply can’t believe I’m going to type these words, but I’m actually pretty excited to announce that I’ve created a TikTok account (if you’re on there, give me a follow! – @biblenerd).

I did so for a few reasons.

1 – it’s become clear to me that video is arguably the best way to reach the next generation, but to do a Youtube channel right requires a ton of time and effort. And while I do have one, I’m not really doing anything with it, and so many others are and are doing it right that, at least for now, I think ima let them have it. That’s not my lane.

2 – I LOVE that there is a 60 second time constraint. I tend to wax eloquent, so the ease of creation and natural time limit makes it fairly effortless to pack something profound into a small package.

3 – many criticize that it’s not necessarily the platform for engaging ideas, however, that may actually be an advantage. I am thinking of it as a way to “place a stone in someone’s shoe” (thanks, Greg!). The point is not to become a social sensation, to capture everyone’s attention, or to be bothered by the potential droves who will see the caption and keep scrolling. It’s for the ONE person who decides to listen and hears something that makes them start thinking.

4 – there aren’t that many apologists on there at all, probably for some of the reasons I mentioned above. We need more! Again, it’s primarily an evangelistic outreach. Plus, it’s an opportunity to provide encouragement to people based on the truth of Christianity in a concise, winsome way.

So, give me a follow if you’re over there!

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