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Oct 8, 2020 | Apologetics, Blog

Many Christians struggle with knowing how to react when skeptics begin to attack their faith — can you relate?

As much as we heard in Sunday School “for the Bible tells me so,” there remains a large portion of the world unwilling to accept the Bible as evidence. Now, I think they are WRONG, absolutely.

But they have legitimate questions and — they deserve an answer.

Whether that is true of YouTube’s “Prophet of Zod” may be a different question altogether.

Many of his videos are well known for posing “questions” to Christians. In fact—I am not positive about this, but I am almost certain he is a practitioner of so-called “Street Epistemology.” Learn more about that from Greg Koukl here:

His questions deserve a response…not particularly because they are good questions.

Actually, for the opposite reason.

In fact, they really aren’t that good of questions, and a few of my partners-in-apologetics-crime (who graciously invited me to join them) teamed up to give an answer!

The response video is just over two hours long, but, in true Mentionables fashion, is both “fun and educational.”

I especially recommend this video if you are new to apologetics.

The reason is that it will show you how questions that may seem good or even difficult to answer on the surface are, many times, toothless.

Without any further ado! — Here’s the link:–ilZXQKA

Enduring Together,

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