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“Only let your conversation be as it becometh the gospel of Christ: that whether I come and see you, or else be absent, I may hear of your affairs, that ye stand fast in one spirit, with one mind striving together for the faith of the gospel." -- Philippians 1:27

Work with Me

Podcast/Video Interviews

One of the more common requests I get is to make guest podcast appearances. I love to do this! Take a look at the topic list below, and if you’re interested, just click “schedule now” to pick a time for our interview!

  • Why Apologetics?
  • Who Was Adam, and Who Are We?
  • God, the Great Commission, and You
  • Young Age Creationism
  • Is There Any Evidence for the Life, Death, and Resurrection of Christ?
  • How to be a Christian in the Classroom
  • Science and the Scriptures
  • Mabbul: A Flood of Evidence
  • Careful Conversions: Bringing Gracious Dialogue to Contentious Ideas
  • Can We Trust What the Bible Says?

Don’t see the topic you’d like to discuss? Click here to email me before scheduling your interview!


If you are interested in inviting us in for a conference, event, or church service(s), please reach out to me directly at —[email protected], or you can fill out the contact form below.

For a comprehensive doctrinal statement of my beliefs, please click here to find the statement of my home church, Eufola Baptist.

I look forward to serving alongside you!

Most Popular Sermons

  • Whose Truth is True? Our world is shrouded in relativistic thinking. Does objective truth really exist, or is reality a matter of preference?
  • What Happened In the Beginning? Which version of origins is correct–evolution or creation? And more importantly, why?
  • Is There Any Evidence for the Life, Death, and Resurrection of Christ? Perhaps Jesus was simply a good moral teacher. Perhaps He didn’t exist at all! Can we be confident the gospels are telling the truth?
  • Giving the Ultimate Defense: 3 Strategies for Navigating Spiritual Conversations. We all want to witness for Christ, but let’s be honest–it’s hard! How do we boldly share our faith when we encounter objections?
  • Can we Trust God’s Word? What really is the Bible, and why should anyone listen to it? It was just written by fallible men after all, right?
  • What’s the Deal with the Dinosaurs? Does the crown prince of evolutionism–the existence of dinosaurs–falsify what the Bible teaches?
  • Not We Ourselves: The Rise and Fall of Atheism. What makes an atheist? Do Christians have real answers to their questions?
  • Who Was Adam, and Who Are We? In a day where humanity begs for equality, yet murders millions of its own kind per year, is there any evidence that human life is actually a very specialset apart creation?
  • Mabbul: A Flood of Evidence. The Bible suggests that, around 4,000 years ago, a global flood occurred and destroyed all life on our planet. What evidence is there for this? Truthfully–a flood of it!
  • A Meeting with Reality: God and the Problem of Evil. Many claim that the existence of evil disproves God. Others claim God Himself is evil! How do we answer these tough questions?
  • Science and the Scriptures: Exploring Modern Science Through the Lens of God’s Word. Is the Bible against science? Can we trust what it says when it comments on scientific issues?
  • How to be a Christian in the Classroom. In this provocative sermon,  kids, youth, and parents will learn what it takes to deal with teachers and professors bent on destroying the Christian faith.
  • Bible Nerds, Unite! Why Every Christian Should Become One. Apatheism–the lack of concern about spiritual things–is on the rise and infecting the church. Can we get Christians excited about the simple gospel?
  • God, the Great Commission, and You. Many Christians fail to understand their role in the project of evangelism. How do we bring others to Christ in the midst of a post-Christian culture?

Although we speak in a variety of settings, youth meetings and Chapel services make for great opportunities to bring in a ministry like ours. We live in tough times for college and even grade school age students, so giving them the practical knowledge they need is paramount to maintaining their faith throughout their school years.

Thanks for considering our ministry!