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The Bible Nerd Podcast is a weekly show exploring the world of the Bible, helping you fall more in love with Jesus, and building a thoughtful defense for the Christian worldview. Episodes include topics like biblical studies, theology, Christian apologetics, creation science, and philosophy.

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Steve’s show keeps getting better and better! I especially enjoy his series on logical fallacies because they are everywhere and we all can use a reminder of how to think carefully. His conversational tone is friendly and it is clear he doesn’t look down on us, but treats his listeners as equals. – Cheri Fields

Steve is gracious and demonstrates humility in presenting information that other groups often venomously use to attack other Christian views. Steve avoids this and brings a refreshing approach to any topic he touches. – Noah’s Mom

The origins of the universe are a mystery, even to the high priests of consensus science. This podcast is an excellent representation of a different paradigm. – Mikey Deezel

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