TCA Lesson 029: Darwin and Favored Races: The Loss of Humanity in our Culture (BOH Series)

Mar 1, 2018 | Creation, Podcast

What does the world look like when its leaders and key influencers hold to evolutionary ideas? In the so-called “struggle for life,” only the strongest survive. Is this teaching consistent with the idea that “all lives matter,” we should “care for our fellow man,” and live by “The Golden Rule?” In the lesson we deal with the tragic effects Darwin’s ideas have had throughout the course of history.

In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  1. Who the surprising key individual was that connected Darwin’s philosophy with the eugenics movement.
  2. A deep biblical understanding of race and culture.
  3. What went wrong and how Darwinism influenced Hitler and other world leaders.
  4. The eugenics movement that is still alive and thriving today.
  5. Why Christ is the key and only solution to this mindset.

Mentioned in this lesson:

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Meet Steve

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