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Oct 5, 2020 | Blog, Christian Living, Ethics

This might sound a little silly for a Christian to say, but here goes:

Lately, I’m becoming quite enamored with the life and ministry of Jesus.

Understand something…

I’ve been a Christian for very long time—but I believe a person’s love and understanding for Christ grows as one grows older and understands more about life.

So while I have literally always known that Jesus was the “model human” and was the very example for how to live, this is becoming real to me in new and amazing ways lately…

Here’s another odd sounding thing to say…

It strikes me that Jesus was, more than other things, best at one very particular thing: Demonstrating truth in love.

Jesus never sacrificed one on the altar of the other—he was always able to keep them in balance.

We had a really great discussion about this in small groups the other night.

Somehow, Jesus was able to speak truth—harshly so, at times—and yet never gave the impression that he was unloving.

I asked my pastor his thoughts on a chapter like Matthew 23, where Jesus gives the Scribes and Pharisees the “what for” (to put it mildly). When we think of language that is “Christ-honoring,” it’s likely this passage is not the one that comes to mind!

And that’s where the “balance” comes into play.

These were people essentially defaming the name of God, claiming to do so in the name of God. It is not as though Jesus hated these people…not at all.

Rather, he was grieved at their sinful practices and how they corrupted those around them.

Instead of performing the task they were supposed to—bearing the name of Yahweh well—they were busy inventing rules and regulations.

We very often fall into the same trap…

It can definitely be difficult to strike this balance—but ultimately, it is part of our calling as followers of Christ.

Of course…to do this, we must actually be spreading the love of Christ.

How are you doing with that?

I know it can be difficult to have gospel conversations. It’s why I wrote God, the Great Commission, and You.

Using the craft of good storytelling and the biblical instruction around witnessing to others (which I think many don’t seem to understand), it’s not only easy to share Christ with others—but pretty fun as well.

You can get a free copy of the book here (just pay for shipping/handling):

Enduring Together,

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