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Apr 7, 2017 | Apologetics, Article

A few years ago, I was having doubts about my faith.

As I have stated elsewhere, I was saved at an extremely young age – 4 years old! Quite frankly, I have literally been a Christian for as long as I can remember.

My conversion is the first and oldest memory that I can remember–clear as day. I consider this an awesome blessing! God has kept me from so much.

The other side of this equation, however, is that I did not have some grand conversion experience. The Damascus Road experience of the Apostle Paul is nothing like what I experienced, and over the years, this has caused doubt in my heart from time to time about my Christianity.

This time a few years ago was no exception. I began to do some research about extra-biblical evidence for Jesus. I did not know it at the time, but this was a catalyst for me.

It started me on a journey that has just been so awesome. Ultimately, in my heart of hearts, I know I am saved. I know that I know God. But I wanted to know why I was so confident.

We live in a hostile world.

This world wants answers for the way things are, and as Christians, we believe we have the answers! For me, “The Bible tells me so” is a satisfactory answer. And if you are a Christian, it is for you too.

But today’s skeptic and atheist aren’t so sure.

For most, coming to faith is a journey. And too many Christians have no idea how to answer the tough questions this educated culture has!

Furthermore, they are afraid–afraid of the fact that because they don’t know the answer, there might not be one. Many have left the faith because of this.

Now if you do some research, you will find a lot of material out there on Apologetics in general today. So why add to the noise?

Well–for a few reasons:

  1. I’m passionate about it.
  2. The world needs it.
  3. Not enough are doing it.

In order to make my case, I want to bring in some Scripture from Matthew 9:36-38.

It says,

“But when he saw the multitudes, he was moved with compassion on them, because they fainted, and were scattered abroad, as sheep having no shepherd. Then saith he unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few; Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest.”

Let’s break that down.

Reason #1: Jesus had compassion on the multitude.


So here we find that Jesus Christ was compassionate towards the crowd before Him. They were “as sheep having no shepherd.”

We find a similar situation today.

The Bible also says “all we like sheep have gone astray.”

God called me to be a preacher, and one day may call me to pastor a church. IF he does, awesome! If he doesn’t, I still have a responsibility to preach the gospel and get it in front of more people.

And again, I believe that [clickandtweet handle=”” hashtag=”” related=”” layout=”” position=””]Apologetics is becoming less of an “add-on” ministry, and more of a necessity.[/clickandtweet]

We need to have compassion for this lost world. A Christian Apologetics blog helps me to share with them.

I am not here to build a platform necessarily. I am definitely not here to build my name. My aim is to point you to Jesus, and I hope and pray you would tell me if something I do is contrary to that mission.

Reason #2: The harvest truly is plenteous.


Jesus was no liar. He was trying to tell His disciples, “Look, we need to have compassion on this crowd and help them. The harvest is plenteous!”

And this is no different today.

More than ever, our time needs people who will “boldly contend for the faith” and stand up for the truth!

Thankfully, we have the Truth! This, more than anything, should give you confidence when talking with unbelievers.

This is perhaps why I’m most interested with Apologetics. When I became passionate about the subject, I was already convinced that the Bible was true and God’s Word.

But Apologetics has helped me to realize the Truth to be found in God’s natural revelation. In other words, the thing that Atheists and skeptics will draw their arguments from (the natural revelation) was created by God, and therefore, we can confidently and boldly use it as well!

We need a love and burden for those in this world who do not know Jesus. I started this blog because I believe God gave me a gift for writing and passion for Apologetics. God told me to get His message in front of the world, and that is what I am doing.

Reason #3: The laborers are few.


The internet has had an interesting effect. It is a two-sided coin:

  1. On one hand, you can find information so easily that is hard to articulate why, how, and even IF you would be bringing any value or just adding to the noise.
  2. On the other hand, the internet has allowed for anyone to be ANYTHING and has emboldened people to live their dreams and do things that they had never imagined possible.

I have been on both sides.

Even as I type these words, I am tempted to quit and succumb to number 1. But, is that what Jesus would do? We know the Bible has different ways of being interpreted.

One of those ways is in practical application. The Bible says that the laborers are few. So, who am I to believe? Google, or Jesus?

I think Jesus is best.

God called me to preach and gave the ability to write, so I believe I need to steward that gift by using it for His honor and for His glory.

If you are considering starting a ministry blog of some kind, don’t let the failed attempts affect you! Google is a graveyard of failed blogs, but if God is truly in your personal ministry, whatever that may be, the only one who will hold it back is you.


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