Jesus, the Word (John 1:1-2)

Nov 5, 2020 | Bible Study, Podcast, Theology

John chapter 1 introduces us to the Person of Jesus…as the Second Person of the Trinity: The Word.

In Greek, the word is logos, meaning “word” or “message.”

When we endeavor to dive deeper into the text, we find some amazing things, including:

  1. How the trinity solves the most ancient and fundamental philosophical problem known to man.
  2. An explicit articulation of multiplicity in the godhead.
  3. The relation of, yet distinctions between, the Word and the Wisdom of God (a common Old Testament theme).

In this brand new series on the podcast, we are taking a deep dive into the book of John.

This is an amazing book…

It teaches a high Christology and goes deep into the nature, role, and person of the Christ…and yet, it is written from the intimate perspective of none other than John, the Beloved.

In this podcast episode, after some brief announcements, we explore John 1:1-2 together and begin to unpack some of these ideas.

Join me here:

Enduring Together,

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